Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cleaning & Organizing...I {{heart}} it!!

Ok, so here's a post about my two favorite things...well next to my family, of course!! Laurie from Tip Junkie is asking for ladies to share their To Do Lists, Tips, Routines, etc...and well I thought I'd join in! Sounds like fun, right? Please check out her site...she's a super cute Texas girl who LOVES to be crafty & creative...her site is AWESOME! I WISH I had time to do all she does!

So let me start by saying I'm a full time working mom. ------> Read my Bio! I teach 4th grade, have 2 boys, & one busy household! But I find organizing & cleaning a way to relax...seriously! Here are some tips, ideas & my top 10 cleaning must-haves!

Since we remodeled our kitchen 2 summers ago, mine has now be reorganized and updated! Here's one thing I was so excited about adding. A "command center" in one of my kitchen cabinets!! It's a way to organize and control paper clutter in the kitchen. Let's avoid that "pile of mail" and kid/school information that gets forgotten in the pile too.
I started by purchasing black tier plastic trays for catching paper work. I put all papers I've got to get to on the top and Brendan's school papers on the bottom shelf.
Then I have a basket for note pads and post-its. My other basket holds my coupon organizer and weekly shopping fliers.
I have a can for pens,pencils, markers and scissors.
Then I got a mail seperator for school/babysitting/house cleaning envelopes which I've pre-dated for the year. That way all I have to do in put in the $$$ weekly money for my sitter and my house cleaning woman.
I also purchased those little metal magnetic cups for paper clips, magnets and rubber bands.
On the top shelf are my recipe boxes, a basket for charger plugs, and menus.
I just open the cabinet to find everything I need at my finger tips. I usually clean through the bins about every 2 weeks to keep it all up to date and neat.

My TOP TEN Organizing/Cleaning MUST-HAVES & TO -DO'S!!

10. Swiffer mop. I use mine daily. It's awesome for getting up pet hair!

9. Shark Steam Mop. Hot steam? Now that's clean! I invested in the upgraded model & it's awesome. Great on my hardwood floors & tile!

8. Do Laundry EVERYDAY! Don't let it pile up. I throw on a load in the AM & Dry/fold it in the PM. It's usually small. PS- this is NOT my laundry room...I wish!

7. Use Green Works products. I love them and they are good for your home & environment. They really work! And smell fresh too.

6. Get a Dyson. I know...they are expensive BUT if you have animals or allergies...they are a must! I am shocked still when I vacuum at how much it picks up!! By the way- get the Ball model, it's a smooth glide!

5. Weekly Calendar- Write out the activities, chores, & reminders for the week & post it on the fridge. When I write it, I remember it better! Keep lists, use post its, I also color code things for different family members. I write in HW reminders for my kindergartener. I use a highlighter too.

4. Meal planning! Pre-plan meals for the week. I write that on my calendar too. That way I know what I'm cooking. I also try to pre-cut or prepare anything for the week. Then make out a shopping list, grab your coupons & shop for it all! I love all the coupon websites & the Coupon Lady! Saving is awesome! Some nights are take out...hey I'm a working mom! I also LOVE my crock pot. On Sundays I prebag my son's snacks in snack bags in the fridge. When he gets home each day, I empty his lunch bag & pack it for the next day. It gets stored in the fridge. Saves time in the morning!

3. Declutter- Daily, weekly... baskets & bins are a MUST. Don't let things 'pile up'...it will only get worse! I try to clean up at least 1x a day - at night when the kids are asleep. Store toys in bins & baskets. That way your house doesn't turn into a toy store!!

2. Baby Wipes! And you don't need a baby around! I have them in almost every room of the house, the car, even outside in the summer! Those things clean up everything.

1. Get a cleaning girl!! If you work full time w/ kids...it's a must!! She "deep cleans" the house every 2 weeks. It really saves me time. It's well worth the $$$!!

Thanks for reading & please comment! I can' t wait to read all the other posts!! And happy cleaning & organizing!


Kristin said...

Love the Shark steamer. I have one myself. Love your ideas.

Shelly said...

Great Ideas! I am going to have to show your cabniet to my hubby. We bought one of those wall mail things. But it looks bad with all the things in it. So, we were just talking the other day about what to do.

I also love my steam mop! We only have carpet in our 3 bedrooms. This is a life saver. And now I don't mind mopping.

If I could Hire one person to help it would be a cleaning lady!

Thanks for taking the time for this.

Laurie Turk said...

I'm SO honored to you decided to participate on Talk to Me Tuesday. You have the best ideas!!

I learned about a command center from Laura (The Org Junkie) who's absolutely fabulous, a couple years ago. I've been trying to make the space for one ever since. No luck, yet. I'm still trying to get my hubby to make me something.

I think every woman needs something to command! HA!

Drea said...

Great ideas. I've seriously considered asking the hubby for a paid "deep clean" for our anniversary in March. :)

Shelly said...

Ahhhh, A cart command center now that can happen. When the previous owners re did the kitchen they put in a snack bar but no cabniets under it. So, I have my trash can and TV trays there. But there is definatly room for a roling cart! Now to go shop! :)