Thursday, December 31, 2009

December/Christmas Roundup!

Here's how we celebrated the December & the Christmas season. Enjoy! Happy New Year!
We started out the holiday season with our annual trip to NYC to see the Macy*s train layout, toysRus & out for a special lunch. We decided to stop at the M&M store. Wow! I never realized that they made so much M&M stuff!!

Here's Christian in his reindeer suit/coat. He looks so cute! Then we had Breakfast with Santa & friends at our Firehouse. Brendan had so much fun. Although he was quick to point out that Santa on visited. We didn't ACTUALLY eat WITH him!

The boys put out their Christmas cookies for Santa. Brendan was sure not to forget to sprinkle his Reindeer food. That way the reindeer can magically keep flying all night. Brendan was excited the next morning when Santa had come to his house and gave him & his brother so many great gifts! Brendan's favorite gifts were his REAL guitar & the Mario&Sonic Wii Winter Olympic game. Christian's favorite gifts were his Hungry Caterpillar toys. Finally Brendan had his Christmas Show at church after Christmas due the the snow. His grade were farm animals. He chose to be a cow. (He's the one w/ the guitar shirt...yeah, I know, his choice) They sang Away in a Manager. It was really cute.

Christian also turned 7 months this December
He's really getting active. He loves to grab everything in reach. He's starting to sit up on his own, roll everywhere, and he's growing so fast!

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Looks like a fun time!

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