Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy 8th Month! 1/29/10

I am so behind!! Christian is almost 9 months soon!! YIKES!!

Here's a few stats:
About 22 lbs (I know!) Brendan was 20lbs at one!
Got his first tooth 2/1/10
Loves to "talk" No words yet-
GRABS everything!! Then tries to put it in his mouth.
Smiles like crazy when he can "stand up" especially on his own-holding on to something.
Likes to "eat" his socks
Figured out how to pull himself up in his crib - we had to lower it.
Favorite meal: Breakfast - he loves yo baby yogurt
His favorite toys: Brendan's cars & trucks
Adores his big brother
No crawling yet - thank goodness!!

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