Thursday, July 24, 2008

What we've been up to.. Week 4 of Kitchen Remodel

Let's start off with what we've been up to!

  • We've taken a few "day-cations" - 2x to the Atlantis Marine World Aquarium - We splurged for the "Family" membership @$135 because Brendan LOVES feeding the sting rays and looking at the shark tank for hours. It's worth it! We're only about a 35 min drive from the aquarium!

  • We went to Montauk for the the day last Tuesday. We went with Sean's friend Matt, Lauren and their little baby, Gracie. We went to Hither Hills State Park/Beach and then drove to town for dinner, right on the water at Gosman’s Dock. Brendan got a front row view of the fishing boats coming in and we got a delicious seafood dinner! It was an overcast day with a brief shower at the beach but the sun came out as we set out for dinner and we had a sunny view of Montauk Harbor for our meal. It was a nice drive out - we drove through the Hamptons looking at all the shops and tourists. (no celeb sitings!) But -duh! I forgot my camera! So sorry, no pics yet!

  • Our 6th anniversary was last Saturday. We went out to dinner at Pasta Pasta! in Port Jefferson. Delicious! And we didn't have to inhale it! Then we went to the movies and saw Mamma Mia! It was OK but we've seen the show in NYC so it was a bit of a disappointment! Actors should stick to acting - not singing!

Kitchen Remodel Update!

We are about 90% done! We have all the cabinets up, filled (I spent a total of about 8 + hours putting things back, reorganizing & lining shelves!) with dishes, etc.; all the new appliances were put in and hooked up. I actually "cooked" dinner, we ate on real plates and used real silverware!!! We also moved the china cabinet & dining room table back so we could eat on it! This weekend I plan to tackle the china cabinet, wash all my china & stemware and put it all back in. I'm also going to "uncover" all the living room furniture & knick-knacks & put back the curtains & rugs! It's going to be very busy! Hooray!
Our final things are: granite counters - being put in on Monday; new faucet hooked up (right now we are using our old sink & counter top as a temporary); tile backsplash put in; tile floor cleaned and sealed & any final touch ups!

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Jill Scott said...

Your kitchen looks great. I think that is the most exciting room to be able to redo because we are in it so much of the day. Enjoy it!