Friday, July 25, 2008

Bobby's Burger Palace - Don't count on the grill to be "smokin'" too long...

Just opened at the Smithhaven Mall in Lake Grove. So we like burgers, I LOVE the Food Network, and it's only 5 mins away - thought we'd give it a whirl.

On arrival (luckily no line b/c we had Brendan) we ordered our burgers, drinks & fries from a limited "gourmet" burger menu. I orderd a "Miami" much like a cuban & Sean ordered a burger & Brendan- well, the grilled cheese of course. Then we got 3 "Vanilla Bean" shakes, an order of FF & an order of onion rings. Total? $45- What? for lunch? These better be MASSIVE burgers. =Let down!= They were not. Although tasty, not very appealing for the price - $7.50 for this little gourmet grilled beef patty. (Angus meat at that - or you could choose chicken or turkey meat)

You get a # and the server brings you meal to your table. Most of the tables are connected like long 'bar' areas. Luckily we were only 3 - too many more in your party you either had to seperate or wait for a clearing...and it's not too big of a restaurant to begin with!!

So Bobby, we'll see how long the novelty lasts! At these "NYC" gourmet prices...not too long I'm guessing. At least I tried it... Too bad Bobby wasn't there himself. It would have been worth the trip more. Oh well! I'll stick to my own grilled burgers at home...

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