Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tile Makes Me SMILE :) Cabinets too! - Kitchen Remodel - Week 3

On Monday our kitchen tile was put in. We did a "running bond" set to give the floor a bit more style then just your basic setting. I really looks nice.
Then on Tuesday they came to put up all the cabinets! Hooray...we're getting to the home stretch! Thursday I'm going to choose pulls and knobs for the cabinet door and drawers. I'm already "dreaming" about where I'm going to put everything. Also on Thursday the appliances are being delivered.
On Saturday they are coming to template for the granite countertop!
The countertop color: Tropical Brown


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks nice! I see some similarities to my kitchen cabinets, we have green countertops too. Enjoy your space!

Megan said...

I love the kitchen. New things are always exciting :) Good luck with remodeling!

angie said...

I love the way they layed the tile, and your cabinets are gorgeous! I love a nice kitchen! :)

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