Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Decorating Dilemma

St. Patrick's Day....OR .... Easter??

So we are the house on the block that decorates for EVERY holiday. I've got flags, window clings, lighted signs and lights, front door mats, and signs for the door not to mention candles, and knickknacks for the inside of the house. (I thank Hallmark for all their cute singing figures that adorn my end tables too!) Now this sounds a bit much but it's very tasteful - I promise! You all know me - It's not tacky or anything. Don't confuse us with the house that has 15 blow up figures on their lawn! - I don't do those!
Anyhow, this month has been a bit of a challenge for me. Having St. Patrick's Day and Easter in the same month (week)has been hectic! I've noticed some people have hung both shamrocks and Easter bunnies up. The thing is, I can't mix the holidays like that. Sean is very particular that the "irish holiday" gets it's fair share of decoration time! Ok, fine. So it it's not too good that Easter is so early this year!
I know this seems silly - but it bugs me!
So now on 3/17 I'll be de-shamrocking and getting out our bunny collection. It's bad enough you get the Christmas rush in November... Now I'm getting the Easter rush in March!

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