Saturday, March 8, 2008


Got Ice cream?
These days Brendan loves ice cream. Our latest trip was to Friendly's this past week for Brendan's reward for going on the potty. (Not to be graphic..#2 - we've mastered #1) Anyhow, it was his reward and we stopped on the way home from the stores.


B: Mmmmm! I smell the ice cream! It smells like CHOC - O - LATE!! I looove chocolate!
Mom: So what are you going to get?
B: Chocolate ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, m&m's and "whup-cream"

Finally we arrived at Friendly's
Girl behind counter: "Hi!" Welcome to Friendly's! What can I get you?
Mom: You have to tell her what ice cream you want and what you want on it.
B: (repeats order - see above)
Girl: Ok, do you want a cone?
B: YES! (chooses cone type- yes there's quite a selection!)
B: Don't forget the m&ms!
Girl: You sure know what you want!
B: Where's my cone?
Girl: It's wrapped up - you can put the ice cream on it at home.
B: OK. I hope you put "whup-cream" on it!
Girl: Yes, don't worry I did!
B: We've got to hurry home now... I don't want it to melt and get all soupy!
Needless to say, we got home just in time! And ice cream was enjoyed by all! What a tough customer!

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