Saturday, February 23, 2008

7 Things I'm Happy for this week - Week of 2/18

Every weekend I'm going to list 7 things that made me happy during the week.
This is my attempt at looking for good things in life and hopefully it will make
me a more grateful person.

1. I know what's in my freezer- I love a week of freedom to organize. It was getting a bit over crowded and some things were unidentified in there... Yum-o ...some delicious meals are coming my way!

2. SNOW!! We finally got some REAL play in, build a snowman, etc. Hooray!

3. Gift cards to restaurants - On my week off I didn't have to cook a lot! We went to Maureen's Kitchen for breakfast, The Melting Pot (see older post), Houlihans etc...

4. My crock pot - I made a delicious chicken meal w/ little effort!

5. Warm and cozy fires! It's nice that it's actually cold enough for us to light a fire in the fireplace!

6. Even though we didn't really go anywhere special or go on a "vacation" anywhere, it was a great vacation b/c I got to spend time with Sean and Brendan. I love to spend my whole day watching him play and grow.

7. I'm glad this vacation is over... Sounds strange, right? - especiall after reading #6 ... but we all do better with a routine. Don't get me wrong, spending an entire day (or 2) in our PJ's is a good thing...but doing it too many days is pushing it!... Routine keeps us busy but it keeps us sane at the same time! Here's looking forward to 3 more weeks of routine b/c the next vacation!!!

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