Friday, January 25, 2008

Petco - Not just where the pets go...

Yes, Brendan can successfully read environmental print. We refer to it as the "red dog & blue cat". This is Brendan's favorite store. I refer to it as the FREE animal watching store. Who needs the expensive trip to the animal farm or aquarium. There are all kinds of interesting animals here!
Well, while driving home (by way of our usual route) from school yesterday we passed (as usual) our local Petco. It was then that Brendan announced that "Petco is my favorite store." Oh, why is that I happily asked. "Because you can get a new cat there."
{Now, as many of you know we struggled with getting rid of our pets b/c of Brendan's allergies but we have discovered Zyrtec to help curb his congestion. So we still have our beloved Bailey and Reily (cats) and our dog Autumn.}
Anyway, I then asked... Why, do WE need a new cat? "Yes, we need a new one." I do love cats but there's no way this is I inquired further on his thought... What's wrong with our old cats?
"Oh, they're too fat."
Hmmm... has he overheard me mention to them that need a "tummy tuck?" Poor cats... they just want to eat too much, lay around and be lazy. Who doesn't?
I guess he isn't buying that there's just more of them to love?
In all honesty ~ they are a LOT over their house cat weight limit.

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