Sunday, January 27, 2008

Brendan's Deli Girls

It's important to have the right "connections" in this world. In work, school, and play. This past spring '07 I was trying to increase Brendan's vocabulary and social skills. I had him start ordering his own cheese at the deli counter at our local Stop and Shop. We go there on a weekly basis and it had become our "special" time to talk and shop. So I started with him just ordering "yellow american cheese". Once he got the hang of it, I increased it to "1 lb of yellow american cheese" and then "Boars Head" was added. A few gave him a slice to try. He loved that! Well we started going on Sunday mornings. I hate crowds and lines in the supermarket. I found it was a great time to go and I'm up at 8:30 am anyway. So we then started seeing the same "deli girls" each week. They started to remember us and smiled and said hello each week. Brendan actually "refused" to let any men slice our deli meats only the girls. Brendan started to recognize them too and one week he asked if I knew their names. I told him ask them what their names were. He did and from then on each week he would say hello to them. Each week he said hello and order his cheese and then he would get a slice or 2 to sample. It's really quite cute and they enjoy talking to him. So now each week we look for "Regina, Pam, and Maryanne" and ask for our cheese and sample slices. Brendan was sad for the month when Regina went to Peru. He wanted to look at a map to find out where she went and even asked if he could go there. Then when she returned she actually bought him little souvenirs!! Now we don't even ask for cheese samples, they actually slice them when they see us in the produce department! As I said, "connections" are something everyone needs sometime!!

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just checking out the site only joined it the other day like your pics your lucky with the weather