Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Food Network

Well, most of you know that The Food Network is just about my favorite TV watching pastime. (besides The Backyardigans & The Wonder Pets) I admit that I'm kind of OBSESSED with watching it! I love each show and now we've even got Food Network "II" on HDTV. So I can flip back and forth b/t the two food networks.

Then I ask myself - what do I get out of this? I watch these people cook up a storm and now I'm hungry! I must go out and buy the ingredients to make the food they make. Download the recipes and/or check their cookbooks (see my reading list at left) and actually cook! I have to say in the 4+ years watching Food Network I've actually become a more creative cook. It's helped me to be more experimental with different herbs & seasonings and make variations of foods that are not so exciting!

Ok so here are the faves-
  • Paula Deen - You can gain 20 lbs just watching all the butter she adds - not mention the southern drawl - not recommended for those with cholesteral or heart disease
  • Giada DiLaurentis - Men love her - she's the sexiest chef on the air! - ok but I love her twist on easy Italian dishes
  • Iron Chef - who doesn't love a great challenge - not to mention the crazy dishes they can create with fish - fish ice cream anyone?
  • Robin Miller - She makes it seem so easy to prep in advance
  • Ellie Krieger- my new fave - her easy and healthy recipes are good. only prob? she cooks with some uber-healthy ingredients - tofu & edamame? Not sure if I'm liking that...
  • Ina Garten - She's the LI girl - but Hamptons all they way - be sure to use "the best" of any ingredient or she can' t guarantee her recipe's outcome!

Happy cooking!

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