Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Greatest Gift

For Brendan's b-day we got the greatest gift. I'm not one for encouraging the use of the computer to play video games (believe me, I've seen the affects from that at work) but this is a really cool way to let your kids play (educational) games on the computer and not have them wreck your files. It's the Fisher-Price Easy Link. It hooks up to your computer and it's good to go. Just stick in a "probe" or little character figure of the website you want to visit (i.e. Clifford, Wiggles) and it takes your child right there and gives them games to play. They can't get out of the program itself unless you type in your password. It also allows you to put a timer on the amount of time played & has a no printer option too. The only thing your kids can change is the "probe" to go to another character's website. Honestly, for $30 bucks it's worth it. Brendan loves to be able to do the games himself. The only thing I would suggest it buying a seperate "small size" mouse for your kids's "small" hands.

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