Friday, June 19, 2009

A Busy Night...all rolled into one!

So this past week it has been quite busy around our house. (Yes, I know having a newborn is pretty busy!!) Brendan caught a virus over the weekend and was sick with a fever, bellyache & a really bad (not strep) sore throat. The dr said it's going around. Now try to keep him away from a newborn! So we were washing our hands about 100x a day and spraying lysol! Luckily it seems to be passing. Unfortunately he missed his last 2 days of school. Not that he really cared - he was happy to be home and play MarioKart! So we wanted to celebrate his graduation with cake but he was sick. We kept it in the fridge until Tuesday...we ate it then...

The same night we planned to give Christian his first bath! Brendan was so excited to pick out and use the dinosaur bath towels "HE" bought for his brother. We got our old baby bathtub out, soap, lotions etc...we were all set up. Then I filled the baby bath on the kitchen counter. Unfortunately I didn't realize that the foam padding had dried out (after 4 + years in the shed) and now the water was going EVERYWHERE in the kitchen! UGGG! Well, we had to still bathe the baby. So we put the leaking tub in the big tub and quickly washed him. Here are a few picks...quickly taken...because the water was leaking out so fast! Oh well, can't save everything!! Needless to say I bought a new tub on Wednesday!! We'll try again on Friday night!!

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