Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who's My Blog "Crush"?

Laurie over at Tip Junkie has posed the question... "Who's your blog crush?" What a cute idea. Everyone's got one. Someone who has this "addicting" blog that you can't get enough of! You must check it out EVERY DAY!! Reading every post with great joy and excitment. Someone that inspires you to make yourself or your life more enriched!

My "crush" is Make and Takes by Marie. It's such an inspiring site for moms who like to get creative with their kids. Marie is a SAHM who is also a certified teacher. She has a lot of crafty, creative ideas that often connect to a great book. I love that. I'm a teacher and I love to read to my son so making book connections is great. Marie's got great holiday activities, recipes, tips, and parenting advice! I've also shared a few of my takes on some of her books and crafts. Many others share their ideas and thoughts too. And honestly, I'm not super crafty so don't worry...her projects and activities are not hard to do!

So if you've not been to her site already, check it out! What are you waiting for? Get crafty, get creative, and get clicking!

1 comment:

Marie @ Make and Takes said...

Ha! So funny, I love this idea from Tip Junkie. Thanks for crushin'.