Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Magazine Tips

We get quite a few magazines at the house. I'm one to read through them and file them in the magazine rack. Here are two systems I use for oganizing & controlling magazine "clutter!!"

Tip #1

My cooking magazines {faves include: Cook's Country, Everyday Food, Everyday with Rachael Ray} always have great recipes I want to try out. I don't like to rip them out [right away] because Sean likes to read them too. So when I find a recipe I want, I fold down the corner. Then when I go through the magazine to toss it or pass it on, I look through it fast and then rip out the recipes I wanted. This way I don't have to "reread" the whole magazine again!

Tip #2
If you read a lot of magazines and then "swap & trade" them with friends (that's a good thing to do too!) is to write your first inital on the back corner. This way whoever you swap with will know if you read it already.

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