Friday, July 11, 2008

Makin' Mudpies! - Kitchen Remodel

Well, not exactly...but they laid the mud for the tile floor. It sure looked like a muddy mess! This is the first layer before the tile gets set. Then on Monday it will be set with the grout. *UPDATE! We will have the tile set on Monday & then grouted. Our tile guy had a bad knee on Saturday so work was delayed!*
So we can't walk through the kitchen or go down to the basement until Tuesday. I made sure ALL the wash was done and we brought up some extra toys to make it through the weekend. We've also decided that we need to take a "day-cation" on Sunday since we'll have no work being's going to be a LONG weekend!!
The walls were also painted. I decided on Ben. Moore's Historical "Concord Ivory". It's a rich yellow. I wanted to pick up the warmth of the cabinets and make the granite counters "pop". I hope it works!! (It's really hard to see the color from these pics)

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