Saturday, July 12, 2008

How Does YOUR garden grow?

We've been busy with everything going on here but we did manage to plant this Spring and we're enjoying the "fruits of our labor!" (sorry about the cliche!) Here are a few pictures:

Brendan can't wait until these turn RED! We planted cherry tomatoes & beefsteak tomatoes.

I can't wait to have my kitchen back so I can cook with all my herbs. This year I planted basil, rosemary (my 2 faves), 2 types of thyme, 2 types of sage, marjoram, oregano and mint.

Here are my favorite geraniums! I always do my standard red and white!

Please share your gardens! What do you grow? What are your favorites? Please inspire! Share your thoughts on my comments!

(I wanted to set up a "mr linky" but I'm still trying to figure it out! Maybe next time! )

I also have to give credit to Marie of Makes and Takes...she did a post on gardening and gave me the inspiration to share ours! Thanks Marie!


Leigh Anne said...


Your garden looks great - you can see what's blooming at my house with this link. Thanks for sharing yours!
Thanks for sharing - Leigh Anne at

Darlene said...

Love your garden, I keep wanting to try one but didn't this year...maybe next year. Beautiful geraniums...I seem to always gravitate toward the red ones.