Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Boys turn "5"

It's going to be a big week around here... Yes It's HALLOWEEN!! (Stay tuned for costume pictures.) Sean & Brendan's favorite holiday - not really mine. But OK. Christian also turns 5 months on 10/29 (actually Brendan's original due date) and then on 11/2 Brendan turns 5 years!

We are celebrating a lot!

Here's the boys "birthday" photo session. Enjoy!

Brendan - age 5 years

Likes- dinosaurs, trains, CARS, transformers, Hot wheels, space, his baby brother, school (sometimes), riding the school bus, playing the Wii

Christian - age 5 months

Likes - making raspberries, his fruits & cereal, sticking out his tongue, grabbing his feet, watching his big brother, playing peek a boo, putting his hands in his mouth

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