Saturday, September 19, 2009


Yes. We're still here! My blogging {Sadly I must admit} will be a bit sporatic for a while. Maybe only special events or weekends. Things are too busy right now. But here's my UPDATE on our exciting few weeks...

Brendan's first day of Kindergarten {I know! Where does the time go???} was exciting. He rode the bus and brought his lunch. He did enjoy it - however is he's trying to get over the fact that his teacher doesn't have "cars" in her classroom. Each day it seems that he's enjoying it a little bit more. He says his favorite time of day is P.E. because she let's them run! {typical boy.} He also loves his teacher. He really likes the books she reads. We also already had our first Open House up at his school. {yes, I'm admitting this} I was impressed how organized she was. She also seems very structured {whew!} and right on top of things. I'm also happy that she offered many opportunities to working parents to get involved {she has class moms but other parents can help too} - I signed up to help with the 100th day of school (centers/party), a project prep helper (get projects organized at home for her) and a mystery reader {SHHH!!! Brendan doesn't know that}. She I'm looking forward to it all!

My first day of 4th grade was exciting too. What changes - new classroom, new class {well, all except 5 kids from last year's class}, new projects, curriculum, etc... It was pretty fun and I'm actually loving it. Honestly, it's not much different than 3rd - well now they know all about tests, our reading program, etc. The work is a bit harder but that's not so bad! I'm actually {not tooting my own horn or anything...} proud of myself over all this "change". The first time I switched grade levels {1st to 3rd} I was so stressed! It was a big jump for me. But after 10+ years of experience I'm able to be more flexible and open to new experiences. {ok, I'm not looking to change again any time soon!!} But I'm happy for the new experience. Just can't wait until all the routines are "ironed out".
Christian's first day at our babysitter's house went great. He goes 4 days a week {she sat Brendan for a few years}. She says he's a "dream" baby {he is!!} and never cries. He loves to sit, watch all the kids play, smile and nap. We were so happy about this. He seemed to be attached to me all summer and we were worried he would be upset. But he loves it. He's there with a little girl who is a month older and next month a little boy who is 2 wks younger then him will join. So he'll have plenty of playmates.

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