Friday, April 10, 2009

It's a Good Friday..."The Bunny" is almost here!

Happy Friday! I can't believe Easter is almost here! You wouldn't know it with the crazy weather! Warm, cold, rain, snow, clouds...ugh! Well, that's April I guess. So on this "Good Friday" we decided to dye our eggs for Sunday.

Our little bunny!
Our week has not been too exciting. This year Sean and I have different vacation weeks. Brendan and I have been off since Monday and Sean's vacation only started this Thursday. He's off all next week. Brendan and I go back on Tuesday. It's doesn't really feel like vacation!
A recap...
So this week was a little shopping and a lot of resting. I'm really starting to feel limited in my abilities and energy. Yeah! Only a few more weeks to go!!!
Brendan has been trying his best to help me out with laundry and picking up stuff. We were able to play some games and cars this week - as long as I could sit and play. It 's really our last vacation before the baby comes so we're trying to make it special for Brendan.
Brendan slept over his Nana and PopPop's house one night. And I got the basement reorganized to fit some baby equipment. We even picked up a new vacuum - only a cleaner like me would get excited over this- a DYSON!! Sean and I went out to dinner the following evening while Brendan spent some time with our babysitter.
All in all the week went VERY fast and pretty well. We thought we'd end our week by going out to dinner with Brendan. His choice. So it's Friendly's for dinner. Not our personal favorite but he LOVES to get ice cream. At this point I'm not arguing with him about that!!
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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Adorable! Have a glorious Easter weekend!