Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween and Brendan's 4th Birthday...all rolled into one weekend!!

For Halloween this year Brendan choose to be "Lightening McQueen" from the movie CARS. Believe me...we were happy because it was not Thomas trains!! Brendan enjoyed a fun day at school in his costume and then some trick or treating at home...followed by the never ending question... "Can I have candy?"

On Saturday, November 1st we celebrated Brendan's birthday with the family. We had both our parents over for a pasta dinner (Brendan loves homemade sauce). So I made my yearly pot of sauce with sausage. (I froze the extra in about 6 containers to last through the winter) For a treat my FIL made his famous "meatballs" which are another big favorite of Brendan's! For dessert we had our traditional (well, it seems to be becoming a tradition) "Earthworm" birthday cake. For the story behind it see this post.
On Sunday, November 2nd, Brendan's actual birthday, we had his party at "Pump it Up". It's an indoor inflatable playground. This year we had all the boys from Brendan's Preschool class. He was so excited to see all his friends from school outside of school! The kids enjoyed 80 minutes of play on all the inflatable bouncers, slides, and obstacle courses. Even Sean, Uncle Kerin, and some other dads enjoyed bouncing around!! Then the kids enjoyed some pizza and cake. Brendan was able to eat his lunch on the blow up "birthday King" chair! All in all it was a BUSY weekend but a lot of fun!

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