Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Behavior Star Chart

This week's WFMW is Brendan's Star chart. I created this because we needed Brendan to improve in his potty training. (This was a VERY difficult "adventure") I really likes the positive aspect of this earning chart. Here's how it works!

Brendan chooses something to earn and then we decide on the number of stars he needs to earn his treat. I laminated the chart and I use a Vis-a-vis (wet erase) marker so I can clean it off and reuse it again. When he's earning he really checks the chart often and we count "how many more" we need to get his treat. I use similar ones in my classroom. I personalized this one for him and used Google to find pictures of the things he wants to earn. I attached a velcro dot to the back of each picture and a velcro dot to the chart (after I laminated it!).


Fuschia said...

This post was great because I've been wanting to make a big chart (we have five girls)for earning/losing priviledges. The laminating and velcro dots are a super idea!

Memarie Lane said...

You know, it's funny, I tried this a couple weeks ago and it only worked for one day. After that they just didn't care anymore. Blah!

Crafty P said...

Fabulous! We're about to start a positive chart like this and I've been searching around for ideas.

I love yours. Homemade, sturdy, reusable, personalized, child-centered... I could go on!

I love that you don't need to use all those pesky, tiny little stickers!

Thanks for a great tip!

Crafty P said...

okay, one question though.

I see that you used velcro dots and that the chart is laminated.

I'm wondering if you've ever had a difficult time getting the velcro dots to stay stuck.

I tried a similiar method with some file folder games and everytime the kids peeled the pieces off one another, the velcro would come unstuck.

Let me know what you do... thanks!

Lynne said...

{Crafty P} I've never had this problem with my velcro and lamination. It may be the lamination you are using. I laminate mine at my job- we have a heated laminated machine. It laminates a very thin layer - not thick like at Staples.
Good Luck!

Kelsey said...

What a cute cute idea!