Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mother Nature at it's best!

A few weeks back I noticed 2 morning doves perched on our pergola in the backyard. They'd hang out and fly around. Then one morning I saw one morning dove "nesting" around my herb pots.(( Honestly, I usually take in all my pots in the Fall but they herbs were still growing and well, I was still cooking with them. So after they died off, I just left the pot on the back porch.)) Well, it seems morning doves prefer rosemary & thyme. Either that or this bird was not really picky, just desperate! Well, "Mama bird" as we call her, found our pot, made a nest and then layed 2 eggs! This all about 4 feet from the back door! So, we figured this would be a great thing for Brendan to see, so we left her alone. She's grown kind of fond of us too. She'll allow us to come up about 12 inches close to her and look. We're proud to announce that on Monday...her eggs hatched!

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