Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I ~heart~ Organizers!

My Pantry

I love these baskets! I have one in each pantry w/ Brendan's snacks. He likes to get them out and "choose" his own snack. We like the self-sufficent pre-schooler around here!

I found these cute containers and decided to put goldfish/pretzels & lollipops in them. They are easy to store and open. I put "scoops" in the goldfish & pretzels so my little guy can serve himself.

Being a teacher, I have an enormous amount of books for my son. I store them in baskets all over the house!

Creatively - Neat Crafting!
I've also organized the craft supplies. In my laundry room I store many supplies in these drawer bins. I have baskets and containers on Brendan's art table to easy access! He loves to spin around his lazy susan of markers & colored pencils!

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Org Junkie said...

Oh so great, I LOVE them all, those white ones are one of my favorite!

Thanks for playing along :)