Monday, April 21, 2008

7 Things I'm Happy for This Week! Week of 4/21

Every weekend I'm going to list 7 things that made me happy during the week.This is my attempt at looking for good things in life and hopefully it will make me a more grateful person!
I'm a little early for this week but I've got the time and much to look forward to this week! We're off this week and we've got a busy schedule!
1~ I'm happy I have the week off to get back to my blogging!
2~ Hooray for warm weather - finally! We had BBQ this week. I just love the taste of anything on the grill!
3~ We got out our patio furniture, garden statues and had the pool opened...warmer, longer days...and summer are in our future!
4~ I did my monthly shopping at TARGET! I LOVE that place! I got mostly things I needed to restock the pantry but I also picked up a shelf for the pantry to help organize things a bit more. Brendan also got a new bathing suit - CARS!
5~It's open toe season! I did my yearly "flip-flop" shopping at Old Navy - tomorrow I head for the BASS outlet for some more shoes! I hope to get a pedicure this week too.
6~ We've selected tile for the backsplash & floor for the new kitchen; the cabinets have been ordered & we'll pick out appliances this week too! Hooray! I can't wait!
7~ Brendan gets a haircut tomorrow - he needs it!

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