Thursday, February 21, 2008

There were too many sticks in the pot!

Wednesday night we went to The Melting Pot in Huntington for dinner. We went with my MIL & FIL to use the Christmas gift cards from my BIL.


Ok, so the concept is the 1970's fondue craze, brought to modern times by offering an array of fancy pot melting treats. The place is HUGE first of all, very she-she, and it's all about the "melting pot" gimmick. The granate tables feature a 1 or 2 pot burner in the center w/ colored dipping sticks.


The menu can be a bit over wheming until the server explains it to you. She quickly points out the "house" faves that "everyone orders." So we (each couple) got the "Big Night Out" which has 4 courses. 1- cheese fondue (your choice of cheese combos) 2- salad of your choice 3-main entree of cut up meats/chicken/ pork, ravioli & shrimp w/ choice of dipping oil/broths & finally 4- chocolate fondue (your choice of choc. choices) Now the thing was this menu option was for TWO people and we were 4. AND our table only had one burner/pot. So were were told that we could choose different cheese/choc fondues and share the burner (each pot only getting 1/2 burner to warm it) but the main entree had to be the same b/c the oil/broth had to be really hot. The server explained that we should have made our reservation for a 2 burner table. Did they mention that on the phone?


Anyhow we agreed on the same cheese and main entree and decided to do 2 chocs. Now the portions are all cut dipping size and you get a plate to share for 2. You have to dip and eat. Not a problem for the cheese. Now at the entree part, the server explains that everything should be cooked for about 2 min or so in the pot. Chicken & pork cooked a little longer. So here we are stabbing meats & sticking them into this pot. At one point there must have been 8 sticks in there....luckily they are color coded. But they are all intertwined and when you pull yours knocks into everyones and sometimes knocks the food off. Luckily we had a "search and rescue" spoon from our server to help in such instances. This was too much work to eat for Sean. We also got about 8 dipping sauces to choose from. Some more tasty then others.
Finally we ended with our chocolate fondues. We got the caramel "turtle" and the "ying-yang" (dark & white choc). The dippers were strawberries, poundcake, brownie, rice krispie treat to name the few, each in a bite size piece and enough for two each. '
Now we did get a drink each from the bar & ended our meal w/ cappuccinos....
Honestly, the cheese or chocolate fondue is worth it. The main entree - not so much.
Looking for a grand total? Well, including our server's tip - $300
Just like the review in Newday - "Fondue- fon don't!"
Get your own pot and do it at home!

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