Sunday, February 17, 2008

7 Things I'm Happy for this week!

Every weekend I'm going to list 7 things that made me happy during the week. This is my attempt at looking for good things in life and hopefully it will make me a more grateful person.


1. Our pediatrician - for helping Brendan feel better!

2. The new Nebulizer - for helping Brendan breathe better and sleep through the night!

3. Our moms for watching Brendan (most of the week) so he CAN feel better!

4. We all made it home safely on Tuesday when we got that snow storm! I don't like to drive in it!

5. Mid -Winter recess! I'm happy to be off from work to enjoy my family, and relax! Let's hope for some good weather!

6. COFFEE! I really needed the energy boost!

7. Snow Buddies - It's a cute movie that actually has a storyline - and I'm happy they have all that snow not us! I'll be watching this movie about 800 times

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